• Most people today can get any information in the Internet with no problem, but people with disabilities have difficulties with using the mouse, hearing and seeing messages on screens to get the information relevant to them.

    Most studies find that about 20% of the population has some kind of disability. The web offers many opportunities to people with disabilities that are unavailable through any other medium, it offers independence and freedom. As organizations and designers become aware of and implement accessibility, they ensure that their content can be accessed by a broader population. helps each visitor of your web site get the full information of content you upload with no bondaries.

    Google + Accessibility

    Google is known as a giant search engine and shows the latest trends in key words used by visitors.

    In 2014, when smartphones broke into the world market it was important for web sites to become responsible and suitable for mobile screen and it was marked by Google as well. 

    It's similar with accessible web sites: there is more attention paid for the fact of accessibility and soon it will be available in Google search options.